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I founded Save Your Teen Driver because it’s time for us to change our battle plan in the fight against the #1 killer of 15-20 year olds in America. Every year, more than 3000 teenagers leave home and never return.

As the father of two teen-aged boys, I can’t imagine anything more painful The good news is that the number has decreased and is trending down. The bad news is that we are still teaching kids to drive the same.way we did 30 years ago. Since we aren’t dealing with the fundamental cause of the problem, that number could spike up again at any time and ‘Safetyfanatic’


Bob Ragazzo- Certified Defensive Driving Instructor

It all started in the Summer of 2005 on a winding stretch of Highway 89 in Sedona Arizona.My son and I had been horseback riding and were caught in a rainstorm. Wet and cold (yes we were COLD in Arizona in August!) I was in a bit too much of a hurry to get back to our hotel.

The State Trooper who stopped us was a real nice guy and he suggested that I take an in-class Defensive Driving course rather than pay the ticket!

I took his advice and 5 minutes into the class I was hooked!

My immediate reaction to the class was –

a) Why isn’t every driver taught these life-saving techniques?


b) Why isn’t there an online version available?

And so, Collision Avoidance Techniques was born.

For 20 years prior to that fateful day, my company had put together hundreds of Industrial Safety programs for the Manufacturing, Construction, Warehousing, and Trucking industries.

When companies would bring us in to analyze their situation, we would inevitably find the same issue almost every time – a contradiction between company policy and company culture with regard to Safety.

When we managed to align these two, we achieved a nearly 100% success rate in reducing accidents and reaching the company’s safety goals. We see a similar contradiction in the Teenage driving arena. If we are successful in bringing behavior-based training to the 15-20 year old driver, we are confident that we can achieve a significant reduction in Teenage accidents and fatalities.


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