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Protecting Your Young Driver

Save Your Teen Driver is the only program of its kind in the world
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*Our program has proven to be highly effective among hundreds of thousands of drivers of all ages for more than 13 years. You can protect a 2nd child, a spouse or even yourself.


Here’s what’s Included:
  • Our One-of-a-Kind Driver Evaluation
    – The first step is to determine the young driver’s present skill level. The system measures skill levels in the 6 Core Areas of
    Driving – S.S.S.A.D.T. (Download our free e-book for details)
  • An Individualized Driving Score – Know Your Teenager’s Driving Score: In 25 minutes or less, the program can predict the driver’s risk of having an accident
  • A Personalized Training Plan – Once we’ve evaluated the young driver, the program automatically assigns training modules based on their weaknesses