The Program

About the Program

Do You Know Your Teen’s Driving Score?

– It could alert you to an impending disaster!Save Your Teen Driver is the World’s-First Online Driver Evaluation and Training Tool

It has been proven to be a highly-effective Predictor of Driver Risk

The program is simple, interactive, and 100% online:

It’s like playing a video game on your computer, while you learn of potential key weaknesses in your driving approach.

First we evaluate, then we educate and then we train each driver based on your individual needs

Here’s how it works:
1) The driver takes a 25 minute evaluation to determine your level of risk – right at this moment.

Your score indicates whether you are a Low, Medium or High Risk driver

The SYTD program evaluates you based on the 6 core areas that are the root cause of most accidents – the acronym is SSADT:

S peed Management
S pace Management
S canning of Mirrors
A ttitude behind the Wheel
D anger Zone Recognition
T he Other Driver

2) Next, the program assigns you Training modules based on your evaluation. These could be as few as 4 or as many as 17.

Each module is 18 minutes long, short and engaging just like the evaluation.

Our training modules allow for you to learn in your preferred style:

A) Text-based
B) Numbers and graph- based
C) Video-based

The system will prompt you to complete 1 Training module every 2 weeks

3) We call this method “Pulse Training”

Pulse Training gives the driver the long-term reinforcement needed to eliminate their bad driving habits and replace them with good driving habits.

This is the same method that has been used for more than 13 years to train hundreds of thousands of drivers in 650 companies both in the U.S. and in 40 countries world-wide.

Not only has the program achieved an average accident reduction of 30- 40% but it has also significantly reduced the severity of the crashes that do occur.

This life-saving system is now available to the public for the first – time ever!